{My Style} How to Wear Leggings (and Still Look like a Grown-Up)

My day-to-day life requires clothes that are comfortable, practical, and easy to care for. That doesn’t mean they need to be frumpy though! I started this series of posts, in part, as a way to encourage me to break out of my jeans & t-shirt rut. Hopefully it will inspire some of you too.

For this first installment of “Outfit Yourself”, I’m going to broach the controversial subject of leggings and how to wear them. Are they really just glorified tights, or can they double as comfy but cute pants? Personally, I think they look adorable when paired with the right top and a stylish pair of boots. I’ve seen more and more girls sporting this look lately, but at 35, I was afraid I might not be able to pull it off without looking silly.

After a few failed attempts with cheap leggings, I can see why so many people think they should be banned as pants. They weren’t very flattering, and the fabric was so thin that I felt like I was walking around in my underwear. In my opinion, the key to making this look work is all about getting the *right* pair of leggings, and I think I’ve found the perfect ones! They have a flattering fit, a lower rise with a nice wide waistband that stays put, and are made from a substantial ponte knit fabric that doesn’t feel like it’s going to burst at the seams when you bend over. They’re more expensive than most leggings, but they also have a lot more to offer.



Shop the Look ~ Black Ponte Knit Leggings – Loft // Denim Shirt – Loft Outlet (not available online) // Knit Scarf – handmade by my Mother-in-Law ♥ // Rustic Leather ‘Hackett’ Boots in Brindle by Lucky Brand – 6pm See below for more options!

* I got my leggings at The Loft Outlet, but they’re the same as the ones sold at The Loft. Unfortunately, The Loft doesn’t offer their factory or outlet items online. If you have an outlet store near you, then by all means, buy them there! I got mine for $25. They’re still a good buy though even at the regular online price of $49.50.

click map

Railroad Stripe Old Navy Shirt

Gap Denim Shirt

Old Navy Classic Chambray Shirt

click map

Lucky Brand Hackett Boots

Katonah Boots by B.O.C.

Melissa Boots by Frye


Black Ponte Knit Leggings The Loft


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